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Death is a Bitch

In a re-imagining the classic concept of the Grim Reaper, Death is not one entity but a fraternity of "Crossing Guards". Each one is responsible for a particular segment of society when it comes time to "cross" from life to death. 

None of this is known to Lily Acheron, a stunning, hard living 20-something who nears breakdown following the brutal murder of her twin brother. The station of Crossing Guard was meant to go to her brother but accidentally passes to her. She must now reluctantly fulfill a new role as Reaper, taking on the worst, most evil souls among men and forcing them to cross over to the other side.

Another danger lurks in the shadows aside from the demons she faces. Something is eliminating Crossing Guards, setting the stage for a final confrontation between good and evil. Lily is now both hunter and hunted, constantly tracking her prey, whilst avoiding the unknown monster stalking her and all her kind…

Conceived as a multi-platform series, the stage is set for a wide array of media including live action Television, animation, video games, feature films and merchandise.

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