"Libra's Streets"

Cinemax' late night anthology series brought a wide mix of genre and talent together to weave a collection of Cryptkeeper worth tales with a sexy edge.

We powered up Cinemax' sexy anthology series.

In the season two finale, Cinemax' Femme Fatales brought out the spandex (well, leather) for a sexy take on a female vigilante keeping the streets safe for common folk.

We created a one minute dream sequence that showcased our costumed crime fighter alive in the pages of the funny book she was inspired by.

The series embraces the racier side of Cinemax' late night history while playing with hard boiled noir tropes and all manor of fun genre tales.

Our segment in the context of the show can be seen HERE but be warned, there is some nudity involved (Boobs!). 


"Libra" in glorious live action and as her illustrated counterpart