Franchise Overview

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Uniquely Deployed Sci-Fi Franchise

A handful of soldiers - the Corps - lead a group of civilians to safety through tunnels under alien infested territory. Their journey becomes a battle for survival as they are relentlessly attacked by the strange insect-like alien invaders who are hot on their heels.

Following Dark sets the stage for a franchise, as it is revealed that the alien insects overwhelming humanity are merely the shock troops for a far more advanced alien race intent on colonizing and controlling the Earth...

Capitalizing on the success of the “first person shooter” game format, The first installment of the Following Dark franchise is intended as a unique live action web- series.  It will be shot entirely in long takes from the perspective of helmet and gun mounted cameras, placed on the actors playing the key soldiers, allowing the viewer to see the action from four perspectives simultaneously.

By combining realized characters, drama and tragedy with this visceral camera technique, Following Dark will bring viewers to a whole new level of involvement as the story unfolds.

Building on the web-series, the story will be expanded with dynamic and highly stylized comic and motion comic series’ that will pave the way for full scale film and TV productions.

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