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Star Wars meets Game of Thrones

A pop Sci-Fi/Fantasy epic set in an alternate future where control of the galaxy falls between two factions: The seemingly divine Imperials and the monolithic mega-corporation Ro8ocorp. Against this backdrop of greed and corruption two groups arise to challenge the status quo: The altruistic Rebels and the self serving Pirates.

Shifting alliances, hidden agendas and secret powers set the stage as each faction vies for power, influence, freedom or notoriety.  

The first installment of The Rebel Future franchise takes place in the video game, "Glave Gunner" as a young pirate king challenges the head of the imperial order for control of a mysterious object of ultimate power: "The Glave".

The story continues through comics, animation and additional video games creating a multi-platform, multi-generational, interconnected tale of legendary characters set in a rich, unique universe of adventure and intrigue.

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