Game Opening Movie

M2 created a unique art style for the title which included designing the box art for the console versions of the game.

We jumped into the cage to write, direct and produce all the story content for the kick ass game, Supremacy MMA.  

We created over 90 minutes of content in 7 months! (Woah!) and developed a unique style and production process. to make ti happen. 

The game launched on X-Box 360, Playstation 3 and then Playstation Vita. 

Additionally we created the game box art, website and a kick-ass poster campaign celebrating each fighter and their attitude in the game. 

TV Trailer

X-Box 360/PS3 : Dante Cut Scene #1

PSP Vita : Novel Bell Cut Scene #1

Poster Campaign:  Art Direction, Deisgn and Illustration by M2.