Legendary Entertainment's flagship comic series launch trailer.

Comic industry legends Matt Wagner and Simon Bisley team up with Legendary Entertainment mastermind, Thomas Tull to launch their expansion into the comics industry.

We brought Legendary's flagship comic series to life in glorious 3D!

To celebrate their foray into the comics industry, Legendary Entertainment engaged us to create a 3D launch trailer.  

The trailer allowed us to show off a bit.  We love working in Anaglyph (Red/Blue) 3D due to the universal accessibility of the effect.  From smart phone to tablet to flat screen TV, our 3D process just works.  The added dimension draws the viewer deeply into the world of the material.  We really love it.  Plus getting those Red/Blue glasses onto the faces of your audience opens up all kinds of cool promotional opportunities.  Plus, they sure are stylish ;)

As long time fans, bringing legendary comic artist, Simon Bisley's work to life was enough to make M2 Directors, Adam Martin + Eben Matthews squeal like star-struck school girls. (Those two tend to get a bit excited about the work.)


When starting with existing art, we separate each element that will be animated.  This often leaves gaps in the art which we fill in with new art to create a seamless and cohesive final product.