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Star Trek meets Indiana Jones

Far away in a parallel universe: the planet Roam, a utopian society organized around Discovery – the search for, and cataloguing of other worlds, other cultures, and even other dimensions. These explorations are led and crewed by an elite group within the Roaman culture – The TRAVELLERS.

Armed with the unique TRAVELLANCE, the Swiss Army Knife of inter-planetary and dimensional travel, Travellers have the ability to “Jump” instantaneously anywhere in the known multiverse.

An action packed Sci-Fi adventure series with stunning visuals, the mythology rich “Traveller Universe” sets the stage for endless escapades in a myriad of dazzling worlds.

The Traveller’s mission is to find, explore, understand, catalog and share the wonders of all that exists.

It’s going to take a while.

These are their tales...

Conceived as a multi-platform series, the stage is set for a wide array of media including live action Television, web-series, animation, video games, feature films, comics and merchandise.

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