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M2 Makes Entertainment

M2 is Writer/Director Duo
Adam Martin + Eben Matthews


Eben founded the creative agency, INNFUSION in 1997 where he served as Creative Director and Executive Producer. Specializing in design, branding, interactive media and entertainment, INNFUSION delivered successful campaigns for Met Life, Target, Nike, Disney, MTV, Konami, THQ, and many more.

In the comics field, he produced the first multi-platform expansion of the cult-hit film, “The Boondock Saints” and has worked extensively with 12-Gauge Comics, refreshing their brand, title and book design, as well as pioneering new digital formats for comic creation and distribution.

In the mobile game world, Eben defined the look and feel of multiple titles including Scopely/Kung Fu Factory's chart topping hit "WWE Champions".


Adam has been an Assistant Director in film, television and commercial production for over 15 years, on projects such as “Transformers”, “The Sopranos”, “Step Brothers”, "The Neighbors”, “Future Man” and countless more. 

He has worked closely with numerous award winning directors and producers such as John Frankenheimer (The Manchurian Candidate), Chris Carter (The X Files), and Michael Bay (Transformers) – and developed an intimate knowledge of the creative process as well as the production methodologies necessary to realize creative objectives of all sizes. 

Adam won a prestigious Director’s Guild of America award for his work on "Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee", an HBO television mini-series.

Adam and Eben co-founded M2 in 2009 to focus on multi-platform storytelling. Projects include creating content for multiple video games including completing over 90 minutes of original content for Supremacy MMA, directing and producing animation for Cinemax' popular Femme Fatales television show, directing the 3D launch trailer for Legendary Entertainment's flagship comic property, and many more.



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