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The Blurppy Reveal

M2 is the brainchild of writer/director duo Adam Martin and Eben Matthews.  They have partnered with “Boondock Saints” creator, writer, director, Troy Duffy to release a fantastic set of tribute prints celebrating the 15th anniversary of the cult-classic film.  The Poster Series was conceived by M2 Creative Director and “Boondock Saints : The Comic” Series Producer, Eben Matthews as a way to artfully celebrate the film. Each print is crafted by a different artist who is invited to interpret the source material and expand the ideas and characters from the film in new artistic directions.

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"Tools of the Trade"

Art by Brian Luong

24"x36" Screen Print.

Regular Edition : 4 Color Hand Numbered Edition of 250 Featuring Metallic Silver Ink. 

Variant Edition : 5 Color Hand Numbered Edition of 50 Featuring Metallic Silver and Gold Inks. 

Signed by Franchise Creator, Troy Duffy and The Artist.

Check out more info on this new edition and on the full series here.