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Hard Boiled, Neo-Noir Original Series.


M2's flagship original series reinvents comics.

M2's flagship original series is LIVE for iOS and Android! GO get it!

DeadTown utilizes M2's innovative Tap-through storytelling technique to create a cinematic experience


THE FUTURE of Comic Books

DEADTOWN is unprecedented in this modern age and takes comic books to a realm that has yet to be experienced. Within its tap format, the reader feels so immersed it’s almost as if they control the action. Not to mention a storyline which hooks you at the cold open with heart, psychology, and thrill. A neo-noir take on a classic zombie sequence, DEADTOWN pulls no punches and cinematically revolutionizes the way we indulge in graphic novels.
- EK Martin App Store Review

We're on the case... building the next great storytelling franchises. 

In the finest film noir traditions, DeadTown follows a classic hard boiled anti-hero set in a post-apocalyptic near future overrun by Zombies!

Visually inspired by the rich black and white style of films like A Touch of Evil and the Maltese Falcon, DeadTown combines film noir with the zombie horror genre, in an edgy reimagining of the hard boiled thriller.

Like all M2 Originals, DeadTown is designed for rich multi-platform storytelling. Comics, Animation, TV, Games, New Media and more, combine to deliver an endlessly rich entertainment experience.

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