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A new angle on the future of comics.

M2 has developed a proprietary technology that engages the reader in graphic storytelling like never before.  Combining an interactive approach to storytelling with art that can be explored with the touch of a finger or tilt of a device, the future of comics is here.

M2 MultiPlane Comics can be created from existing comics / graphic novels or other source material. Preferably, they are developed specifically for the medium which allows them to take full advantage of the format.

    • Innovative Storytelling Experience:

    2 MultiPlance Comics are designed to deliver rich, engaging storytelling designed specifically for and only possible on digital devices.  By combining layered art that dynamically responds to touch or tilt and enhanced storytelling techniques, the format stays true to the heart of the comic art form while evolving and expanding it into a unique digital medium. 

    • Virtual Advantages:  

    M2 MultiPlane Comics take full advantage of the benefits their digital medium allowing for seamless content updates and additions and worldwide distribution via iOS and Android.  The core experience can be enhanced as desired to add social sharing, advertising or marketing messaging, additional non-comics content, game content or anything else that is delivered digitally.  The cloud’s the limit.

    • Unique Branded App Opportunity:  

    M2 MultiPlane Comics are an ideal medium to enhance an existing brand of IP or to launch a brand new one.  An engaging storytelling experience combined with brand specific additional content creates a compelling package sure to dazzle fans and customers alike.

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    Digital Comics sales are growing exponentially while the rest of the market stagnates.  This creates massive opportunities for Comics 2.0 to define and own this explosive new market.


    The U.S. Direct Market has plateaued since 2007 with annual sales of $660 to $750 Million.  For the market to grow, new opportunities, creative approaches and distribution methods will have to be implemented.


    The Digital Comics Market is Exploding! 

    From just $500,000 in 2009 to $8 million in 2010 to a massive 900% increase to over $75 million in 2012 accounting for over 10% of the overall market.  

    Digital Sales will easily equal and eclipse the rest of the market by 2017.


    Source: The Comic Chronicles |   www.comichron.com

    Source: The Comic Chronicles | www.comichron.com