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Creating "Guardians of the Connected World"


Creating "Guardians of the Connected World"

Netscout "Engage '17" Keynote Video

This poster (and Graphic Novel cover) utilizes real Netscout leaders as key characters spearheading "Operation Illumination" and inviting customers and partners to join them as "Guardians of the Connected World"

We directed and produced a TON of content for the world leader in network performance management and security. And then they put it on a 60 foot screen!

Netscout is the world leader in application and network performance management and security. Their latest campaign casts their partners and customers, along with their own team, as the "Guardians of the Connected World". For us, hand meet glove.

Working with the ultra-talented folks at Small Army agency, we produced animated teasers leading into their annual conference "Engage '17" culminating in the creation of their keynote video which kicked off the show in front of over 1000 attendees on a massive 60 foot screen. How cool is that!?

So cool. We also created a specialized version of the keynote video, customized to their internal sales force and all the visuals for the Keynote presentations by Netscout's executive presenters. Additionally we created a promotional poster, a graphic novel, given away to attendees and additional creative and visual materials to support a unified multi-platform experience leading into and throughout the event. Such fun.


Teaser #1 : "Speed"

Teaser #3 : "Knowledge"

Teaser #2 : "Vision"

Teaser #4 : "Power Up"

This customized version of the Keynote video was created for Netscout's internal sales team and features a unique animated ending sequence along with alternate VO and edit.

The Operation Illumination Graphic Novel was distributed to 'Engage '17' Event attendees.

We created Netscout leadership headshots that brought Keynote presenters and other key team members into the style of the campaign.