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Tell us how much you love DeadTown:

Sam Spade meets Dawn of the Dead

In the finest film noir traditions, DEADTOWN follows a classic HARD BOILED detective set in a post-apocalyptic world overrun by ZOMBIES!

Set in a post-apocolyptic near future, DeadTown follows the exploits of CHAN who, having lost his family in the zombie plague, works as a private detective in a world crawling with the undead.

Those with the means live “Upstairs”, in skyscrapers specially designed to separate them from the infested street level; everyone else is “Downstairs”. The survivors struggle to carve out a life with the constant threat of zombies hanging over them.

Visually inspired by the rich black and white style of films like Touch of Evil and The Maltese Falcon, DeadTown combines film noir with the zombie horror genre, in an edgy re-imagining of the hard boiled detective thriller.

Conceived as a multi-platform series, the stage is set for a wide array of media set in DeadTown including live action Television (pilot already written), live action web-series, animation, video games, feature films and merchandise.

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Tell us how much you love Crossing Guard:

Death is a Bitch

In a re-imagining the classic concept of the Grim Reaper, Death is not one entity but a fraternity of "Crossing Guards". Each one is responsible for a particular segment of society when it comes time to "cross" from life to death. 

None of this is known to Lily Acheron, a stunning, hard living 20-something who nears breakdown following the brutal murder of her twin brother. The station of Crossing Guard was meant to go to her brother but accidentally passes to her. She must now reluctantly fulfill a new role as Reaper, taking on the worst, most evil souls among men and forcing them to cross over to the other side.

Another danger lurks in the shadows aside from the demons she faces. Something is eliminating Crossing Guards, setting the stage for a final confrontation between good and evil. Lily is now both hunter and hunted, constantly tracking her prey, whilst avoiding the unknown monster stalking her and all her kind…

Conceived as a multi-platform series, the stage is set for a wide array of media including live action Television, animation, video games, feature films and merchandise.

Visual Development + Inspiration

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Tell us how much you love Oz Squad:

The Wizard of Oz meets Alias

Sanctioned by the NSA and Princess Ozma, Dorothy and her team patrol the paper thin magical border between Earth and Oz, maintaining a delicate balance between realms.

Oz Squad pulls from the entire history of Oz literature while maintaining the Frank L. Baum stories as canon.  The series updates and expands the mythology, bringing it to present day, adding a thrilling mainstream action adventure angle infused with the spirit and tone of MGM’s classic Wizard of Oz film.

The series blends the episodic nature of police/agency procedurals with the sweeping narratives of the best fantasy action adventure tales against a backdrop of a timeless and beloved universe of characters.

Conceived as a multi-platform series, the stage is set for a wide array of media including live action Television, animation, video games, feature films and merchandise.

Visual Development and Inspiration

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Tell us how much you love Tales of the Travellers:

Star Trek meets Indiana Jones

Far away in a parallel universe: the planet Roam, a utopian society organized around Discovery – the search for, and cataloguing of other worlds, other cultures, and even other dimensions. These explorations are led and crewed by an elite group within the Roaman culture – The TRAVELLERS.

Armed with the unique TRAVELLANCE, the Swiss Army Knife of inter-planetary and dimensional travel, Travellers have the ability to “Jump” instantaneously anywhere in the known multiverse.

An action packed Sci-Fi adventure series with stunning visuals, the mythology rich “Traveller Universe” sets the stage for endless escapades in a myriad of dazzling worlds.

The Traveller’s mission is to find, explore, understand, catalog and share the wonders of all that exists.

It’s going to take a while.

These are their tales...

Conceived as a multi-platform series, the stage is set for a wide array of media including live action Television, web-series, animation, video games, feature films, comics and merchandise.

Visual Development and Character Designs

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Tell us how much you love Rebel Future

Star Wars meets Game of Thrones

A pop Sci-Fi/Fantasy epic set in an alternate future where control of the galaxy falls between two factions: The seemingly divine Imperials and the monolithic mega-corporation Ro8ocorp. Against this backdrop of greed and corruption two groups arise to challenge the status quo: The altruistic Rebels and the self serving Pirates.

Shifting alliances, hidden agendas and secret powers set the stage as each faction vies for power, influence, freedom or notoriety.  

The first installment of The Rebel Future franchise takes place in the video game, "Glave Gunner" as a young pirate king challenges the head of the imperial order for control of a mysterious object of ultimate power: "The Glave".

The story continues through comics, animation and additional video games creating a multi-platform, multi-generational, interconnected tale of legendary characters set in a rich, unique universe of adventure and intrigue.

Read the Comic Prologue or Download PDF

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Tell us how much you love Red Tide:

Jaws meets Dawn of the Dead

As people start disappearing from an upscale resort, local Will and visitor Jess know there is something horribly amiss.

Trapped by a torrential storm, they and the other survivors are besieged by an army of underwater undead, hell-bent on killing them all. 

The storm intensifies and Zombies swarm the resort, adding to their ranks with each new slaughter.  The survivors are forced to make a daring escape across the source of the nightmarish outbreak - the SEA!

Red Tide is a unique re-invention of the Zombie Genre that will make a whole new generation afraid to go in the water.

Concept Art

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Franchise Overview

Tell us how much you love Following Dark:

Uniquely Deployed Sci-Fi Franchise

A handful of soldiers - the Corps - lead a group of civilians to safety through tunnels under alien infested territory. Their journey becomes a battle for survival as they are relentlessly attacked by the strange insect-like alien invaders who are hot on their heels.

Following Dark sets the stage for a franchise, as it is revealed that the alien insects overwhelming humanity are merely the shock troops for a far more advanced alien race intent on colonizing and controlling the Earth...

Capitalizing on the success of the “first person shooter” game format, The first installment of the Following Dark franchise is intended as a unique live action web- series.  It will be shot entirely in long takes from the perspective of helmet and gun mounted cameras, placed on the actors playing the key soldiers, allowing the viewer to see the action from four perspectives simultaneously.

By combining realized characters, drama and tragedy with this visceral camera technique, Following Dark will bring viewers to a whole new level of involvement as the story unfolds.

Building on the web-series, the story will be expanded with dynamic and highly stylized comic and motion comic series’ that will pave the way for full scale film and TV productions.

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Script Synopsis

Tell us how much you love WarWolves:

Werewolves vs Nazis!

Allied Special Forces battle genetically altered Nazi super-soldiers behind enemy lines, attempting to prevent the German’s turning the tide of the war.

1944. Deep in the Austrian mountains, an elite squad of British and American special forces attempt to make contact with a local resistance cell after a successful sabotage mission. What they find is a decimated village, with the one survivor reporting that they were attacked by animals

Seeking a way to escape, the squad attempt to infiltrate a local railway station, only to be attacked by lethal werewolves. Beaten back, then fighting them off, the soldiers realize that the wolves are the Naziʼs secret weapon to turn the tide of the war. The only way to stop them is to call in an airstrike on the research complex under the station... and to do that, they will have to access the radio in the complex itself.

WarWolves is a unique twist to the werewolf genre, putting a period sci-fi edge onto an Aliens-esque story structure, and giving both horror and action fans something to really sink their teeth into.

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