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Platform Agnostic Storytelling Devotees

We love great stories.  From ancient cave paintings to a galaxy far, far away we can't get enough of fascinating characters and gripping narratives.  We love to consume them and, even better, we are madly, over the moon in love with creating them.

We are also the fortunate benefactors of the evolving content consumption landscape.  We have arrived at a time and place where a screen is a screen is a screen.  Be it via mobile phone or multi-plex, the audience has become a savvy consumer of quality story.  So much so, they no longer see the distinction between a TV story or a film Story, an animation story or a comic book story or a game story.  If it's available where and when they want it they will engage and consume.  If we do our job as tellers of great story, they transform to the ultimate form of audience member : a fan.

The genius of all this is a new freedom to tell stories and craft experiences that live everywhere the audience is - which is everywhere.  Indeed, we focus completely on character and story, utilizing any or all of the available platforms to deepen the audience experience.  This is where we as M2 thrives.  We look at all facets of the story, then skillfully select the ideal methods of delivering each component of that story and finally execute with passion and intent.  

Our mission is to pioneer rich new experiences that allow our audience to delve deeply into the worlds we create, join us there and kick and scream at any whisper of leaving.

After all, at the end of the day, as consumer or creator, we just want to hear a good story. 

Just a few things we're great at: 

Video Games

From script to screen, we specialize in creating engaging story content for games of all sizes and platforms.  M2 Cinematics are a creatively compelling and budget friendly way to deliver engaging story at every level.


Crafting content that exists in multiple mediums and is delivered across multiple platforms is one of our specialties.  We just get it.  We love expanding an existing franchise or helping to build one from scratch.

Original Content

We are always, always creating and developing exciting original material.  It's pretty compelling stuff which we can't wait to unleash upon the world. To borrow a phrase from a great storyteller : "Stay tuned, true believers"...

Skills + Services

  • Story / Script
  • Film / Animation Direction
  • Casting + Voice Direction
  • Original Music Production
  • Post Audio Production

  • Art Direction
  • Character Development + Design
  • Storyboard + Story Reel
  • Motion Graphics
  • Project Management + Production


  • Branding and Logo
  • Collateral + Marketing
  • Print Design + Production
  • App Design + Development
  • Comic / Book Packaging + Production

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