Myth Makers

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Platform Agnostic. Storytelling Devotees.

We love great stories.  We love to consume them and we’re in love with creating them.

For people like us, the timing couldn’t be better. The evolution of content distribution has created a consumption landscape where a screen is a screen is a screen.  From mobile to multi-plex, the audience is ravenous for quality story.  The genius of this, is a new freedom to tell stories and craft experiences that live everywhere the audience is - which is everywhere.  

This is where we thrive.  We look at all facets of the story we’re telling, skillfully select the ideal methods to deliver each component and than execute with passion and intent.  

Our mission is to pioneer rich new experiences, creating worlds of content that convert audience members to die hard fans.

Skills + Services

  • Story / Script
  • Film / Animation Direction
  • Casting + Voice Direction
  • Original Music Production
  • Post Audio Production

  • Art Direction
  • Character Development + Design
  • Storyboard + Story Reel
  • Motion Graphics
  • Project Management + Production


  • Branding and Logo
  • Collateral + Marketing
  • Print Design + Production
  • App Design + Development
  • Comic / Book Packaging + Production

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