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Digital "Sticker Packs"




Stickers are created and displayed at one of three sizes. I recommend creating at the largest size - 618x618 px -  than all options will be available. Medium is the default image size.

Sticker Sizes

Sticker Sizes

  • Always provide 3x images (images at 300% their display size). They will be automatically downsized within iOS

  • Image format should be PNG with Transparency

  • Each file must be less than 500KB

  • For best results, submit Large images (618x618 px)

  • Download Templates to facilitate your Sticker Creation




Simple animations are supported. Animations should be relatively short (30 frames or less). Animations designed to loop generally work best.

  • Animated Stickers fall under the same size requirements as non animated images.

  • Animations should be exported and provided as a PNG sequence with Transparency.

  • Sound is not supported




Collections of images will be displayed and sold as “Sticker Packs”. As you curate and create art, keep the following guidelines / suggestions in mind:

  • Each pack should contain at least 24 images. There is no limit to the number of images or the number of packs you can create or curate.

  • If you’re creating animated stickers we can also offer a non-animated version at a lower price point.

  • If you deliver multiple packs we can combine them into a “mega pack” as an option which may appeal to a different type of user and be offered at a different price point.




As you create and curate your Sticker Packs, it may be helpful to keep the following in mind. Than again, I want to do this with you because I love YOUR work and approach - so, embrace or ignore as you see fit:

  • Your stickers will be used as part of message based communication between people. Think about your images in that context - How can each one function in conversation? Think emotion, humor, surprise, etc. Than again, maybe it’s just a bad ass pic!

  • Stickers can be sent as individual messages as well as "Peeled off" and placed on other content such as photos.

  • Think about unique images that convey something. This could be in the realm of what could be classified as "emoji" or way, way outside it.

  • If you are inclined to make emoji style images think about what unique style or "take" you can bring to them.

  • Think about what may appeal to your existing fanbase / audience as well as those just browsing the new Sticker Store.

  • If you have or control your own characters / IP feel free to leverage that for Sticker Packs.

  • Animation is by no means required. If you are able and inclined to add it, however, Animated packs do very well on most platforms.

  • Create or curate anything you desire. HAVE FUN WITH THIS! If you are, others will too ;)




iOS 10 launched Sept 13. New packs can be made available at any time so feel free to deliver when it works for you as well as to keep 'em coming.




Let me know when you’re ready to deliver your finished art and I'll send you a Google Drive link for you to upload your files.

If you want feedback along the way, I’m happy to provide it - completely up to you :)

Any other questions or concerns - please email me at any time at eben@m2action.com




Download the linked Templates to help facilitate your Sticker Pack Creation. I'd recommend formatting your images using the PSD files. The grids are designed to provide options to quickly lay out your stickers at the various sizes, in groups similar to the way they will appear in the sticker store or in the user's library.




Stickers being used within iMessage on iOS 10

Stickers being used within iMessage on iOS 10




If you want to do this but have yet to sign and return the Licensing Agreement, here it is:

Download Agreement

You can return that as well as hit me up with any questions, concerns, thoughts, etc at eben@m2action.com

Can't wait to make stickers with you!