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Script Synopsis

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Werewolves vs Nazis!

Allied Special Forces battle genetically altered Nazi super-soldiers behind enemy lines, attempting to prevent the German’s turning the tide of the war.

1944. Deep in the Austrian mountains, an elite squad of British and American special forces attempt to make contact with a local resistance cell after a successful sabotage mission. What they find is a decimated village, with the one survivor reporting that they were attacked by animals

Seeking a way to escape, the squad attempt to infiltrate a local railway station, only to be attacked by lethal werewolves. Beaten back, then fighting them off, the soldiers realize that the wolves are the Naziʼs secret weapon to turn the tide of the war. The only way to stop them is to call in an airstrike on the research complex under the station... and to do that, they will have to access the radio in the complex itself.

WarWolves is a unique twist to the werewolf genre, putting a period sci-fi edge onto an Aliens-esque story structure, and giving both horror and action fans something to really sink their teeth into.

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