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M2's flagship original series reinvents comics.

M2's flagship original series is LIVE for iOS and Android! GO get it!

DeadTown utilizes M2's innovative Tap-through storytelling technique to create a cinematic experience


THE FUTURE of Comic Books

DEADTOWN is unprecedented in this modern age and takes comic books to a realm that has yet to be experienced. Within its tap format, the reader feels so immersed it’s almost as if they control the action. Not to mention a storyline which hooks you at the cold open with heart, psychology, and thrill. A neo-noir take on a classic zombie sequence, DEADTOWN pulls no punches and cinematically revolutionizes the way we indulge in graphic novels.
- EK Martin App Store Review

We're on the case... building the next great storytelling franchises. 

In the finest film noir traditions, DeadTown follows a classic hard boiled anti-hero set in a post-apocalyptic near future overrun by Zombies!

Visually inspired by the rich black and white style of films like A Touch of Evil and the Maltese Falcon, DeadTown combines film noir with the zombie horror genre, in an edgy reimagining of the hard boiled thriller.

Like all M2 Originals, DeadTown is designed for rich multi-platform storytelling. Comics, Animation, TV, Games, New Media and more, combine to deliver an endlessly rich entertainment experience.

Available Episodes



Creating "Guardians of the Connected World"

Netscout "Engage '17" Keynote Video

This poster (and Graphic Novel cover) utilizes real Netscout leaders as key characters spearheading "Operation Illumination" and inviting customers and partners to join them as "Guardians of the Connected World"

We directed and produced a TON of content for the world leader in network performance management and security. And then they put it on a 60 foot screen!

Netscout is the world leader in application and network performance management and security. Their latest campaign casts their partners and customers, along with their own team, as the "Guardians of the Connected World". For us, hand meet glove.

Working with the ultra-talented folks at Small Army agency, we produced animated teasers leading into their annual conference "Engage '17" culminating in the creation of their keynote video which kicked off the show in front of over 1000 attendees on a massive 60 foot screen. How cool is that!?

So cool. We also created a specialized version of the keynote video, customized to their internal sales force and all the visuals for the Keynote presentations by Netscout's executive presenters. Additionally we created a promotional poster, a graphic novel, given away to attendees and additional creative and visual materials to support a unified multi-platform experience leading into and throughout the event. Such fun.


Teaser #1 : "Speed"

Teaser #3 : "Knowledge"

Teaser #2 : "Vision"

Teaser #4 : "Power Up"

This customized version of the Keynote video was created for Netscout's internal sales team and features a unique animated ending sequence along with alternate VO and edit.

The Operation Illumination Graphic Novel was distributed to 'Engage '17' Event attendees.

We created Netscout leadership headshots that brought Keynote presenters and other key team members into the style of the campaign.



LA's Indy Theater Chain Brings on the Art!

"Lambshark" : Laemmle Theateres Outdoor Screens Promo

One of the posters we created as part of the re-branding campaign. This one promotes one of Laemmle's themed special events.

We brought the bite to Los Angeles' premiere art house theater chain!

Partnering with agency 330, we rebranded LA's original art house cinema! From new logo and brand ID materials to outdoor signage, drink cups and merchandise M2 founder, Eben Matthews served as the creative director for this top to bottom re-invention of the chain's visual identity.

When the need for animated and filmed elements came into the project, M2 jumped up to make it happen. We directed and produced several pieces used for in-theater marketing as well as for outside promotion for Laemmle sponsored or spearheaded initiatives. Check it out! We can direct and produce live action too ;)

"Art in the Arthouse" : Live action in-theater promo showcasing artist's work on display and available for purchase.

Various branded elements created for in-theater promotion, brand messaging and external advertising, signage and marketing



An Epic Multi-Platform Adventure

Rebel Future : The First Teaser

The first chapter of the Rebel Future universe plays out through a unique multi-player game.  We designed all aspects of the game and larger brand.

We developed, designed, wrote and directed the launch of a new multi-platform entertainment franchise.

An epic struggle carves the galaxy between the Imperium, Ro8ocorp, Pirates and Rebels.

Welcome to the Rebel Future. A new brand of episodic storytelling will unfold through a series of games, cartoons comics and more.

We co-created the property and than wrote, directed and produced animation, game design and digital comics to introduce than expand the world across multiple platforms.


Character Design:  Visual Development, Art Direction and Illustration by M2.



Not Your Father's Merry Men

Robin Hood reimagined for a new generation. Music by Colt Ford courtesy of Average Joes Entertainment 

Cover B : Alternate Cover Illustration by M2 Partner, Eben Matthews

we rolled out a high octane launch trailer for 12-gauge comics' reinvention of robin hood.

Re-imagining the legend of Robin Hood as a modern day Spaghetti Western, SHERWOOD, TX is set inside the world of biker gangs, drug wars, human trafficking, and revenge.

We created a dynamic launch trailer for the series that utilizes key art and moments from the first issue as well as the brilliant character designs created by Eisner and Harvey award winning series cover artist, Andrew Robinson.  Additionally, the trailer features an easily updated section that features the current issue of the series, such that each new installment is featured in the trailer - allowing it to stay fresh and relevant throughout the entire run.

Find out more at

Covers A and C

Character Designs by Eisner / Harvey Award Winner and Series Cover Artist, Andrew Robinson.



Bringing the "Mud Generation" to Comics

The Launch Trailer for Average Joes Entertainment's jump into Comics!

The Average Joes Comic Series launches as an exclusive part of Colt Ford's album, "Thanks for Listening", at Wal-Mart with retail and tour editions to follow.

We launched Average Joes Entertainment's new Super Hero team with a trailer that's anything but average.

Average Joes Entertainment, an Atlanta and Nashville-based record label found success with flagship artist Colt Ford and a roster of artists and content aimed at the "Mud Generation".  As the company expands into other entertainment media they are launching a flagship comic series with the fine folks at 12-Gauge comics.

To kick off the new endeavor, we came on board to create a launch trailer that celebrates the dynamic, fun spirit of the series and sets the stage for years of Average Joes adventures.

Stay tuned... There's lots more fun to come!

Whenever possible, we create custom art for maximum effect.



On Safari with Activision's Long Running Hunting Franchise

Game Opening / Story Cinematic #1

The latest in Cabela's series of hunting games released for PS3, X-Box 360 and Wii

We joined Activision on the hunt for a stylish and sophisticated series of story cinematics

We created all the story cinematics for Activisions' long running hunting franchise.  You play as a surly hunter commissioned to recover the pieces of a tribal statue.  To complete your mission you'll have to confront Africa's most fearsome beasts, your unscrupulous benefactor and romantic complications.

We developed a sophisticated illustration style that perfectly compliments the look and feel of the gameplay while supporting a fun and engaging story.  Additionally, we were commissioned to create the in-game menu and loading screens to carry the look and feel of the storyline throughout the title.

We created the in-game menu and loading screens to keep the visual style flowing throughout the title.



A Legendary Comic's Launch

Legendary Entertainment's flagship comic series launch trailer.

Comic industry legends Matt Wagner and Simon Bisley team up with Legendary Entertainment mastermind, Thomas Tull to launch their expansion into the comics industry.

We brought Legendary's flagship comic series to life in glorious 3D!

To celebrate their foray into the comics industry, Legendary Entertainment engaged us to create a 3D launch trailer.  

The trailer allowed us to show off a bit.  We love working in Anaglyph (Red/Blue) 3D due to the universal accessibility of the effect.  From smart phone to tablet to flat screen TV, our 3D process just works.  The added dimension draws the viewer deeply into the world of the material.  We really love it.  Plus getting those Red/Blue glasses onto the faces of your audience opens up all kinds of cool promotional opportunities.  Plus, they sure are stylish ;)

As long time fans, bringing legendary comic artist, Simon Bisley's work to life was enough to make M2 Directors, Adam Martin + Eben Matthews squeal like star-struck school girls. (Those two tend to get a bit excited about the work.)


When starting with existing art, we separate each element that will be animated.  This often leaves gaps in the art which we fill in with new art to create a seamless and cohesive final product. 



Cinemax' Sexy Series Gets in Bed with M2

"Libra's Streets"

Cinemax' late night anthology series brought a wide mix of genre and talent together to weave a collection of Cryptkeeper worth tales with a sexy edge.

We powered up Cinemax' sexy anthology series.

In the season two finale, Cinemax' Femme Fatales brought out the spandex (well, leather) for a sexy take on a female vigilante keeping the streets safe for common folk.

We created a one minute dream sequence that showcased our costumed crime fighter alive in the pages of the funny book she was inspired by.

The series embraces the racier side of Cinemax' late night history while playing with hard boiled noir tropes and all manor of fun genre tales.

Our segment in the context of the show can be seen HERE but be warned, there is some nudity involved (Boobs!). 


"Libra" in glorious live action and as her illustrated counterpart



Every Fighter Has a Story

Game Opening Movie

M2 created a unique art style for the title which included designing the box art for the console versions of the game.

We jumped into the cage to write, direct and produce all the story content for the kick ass game, Supremacy MMA.  

We created over 90 minutes of content in 7 months! (Woah!) and developed a unique style and production process. to make ti happen. 

The game launched on X-Box 360, Playstation 3 and then Playstation Vita. 

Additionally we created the game box art, website and a kick-ass poster campaign celebrating each fighter and their attitude in the game. 

TV Trailer

X-Box 360/PS3 : Dante Cut Scene #1

PSP Vita : Novel Bell Cut Scene #1

Poster Campaign:  Art Direction, Deisgn and Illustration by M2.



The Hit Cult-Franchise Takes on the World Beyond Film

M2's Teaser for the comic series.

The ultimate companion piece to Boondock Saints II in all it's Hard-Cover Edition glory

We added volumes to one of the most successful cult-hit franchises of all time.

The Boondock Saints films have generated over $250 million in sales and attracted legions of fans all over the world (over 4.5 million on Facebook alone).

With the series' first expansion into any media beyond film, we created a teaser trailer that let the fan base know - The Saints are Coming! 

The untold story of the 'Original Saint' - The series brings you right into the middle of the franchise, integrating with Boondock Saints II : "All Saints Day" and expands on the history of 'Il Duce'.  The Brothers MacManus are also on tap, in Boston and Ireland, doing what they do best in a series of brand new adventures.

Is this worth picking up? Absolutely. Why? Because it not only allows you to experience the franchise in a very exciting new way but it kicks the door wide open for future installments in this medium. Consider it a win!
— Icon vs. Icon

The Boondock Saints Comic Series was produced by M2 Co-Founder, Eben Matthews.  It's the first incarnation of the franchise beyond the films and is designed as a companion to them. 

The ultimate "Black Label Edition" collects the entire series with extra features in one decadent, extremely limited collectors' edition.